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Rolex New Blue Milgauss Replica Watches

c7c80984-ff18-4342-894c-faaa64552f34_1We have been talking about the replica rolex watches novelties in 2014, particularly that blue-black Deep See which has a cool bezel. And today we continue our topics and talk about another hot Rolex watch with a blue bezel. Blue is a middle color and both suit man and woman. It is not so hot before this year and its hot loomed. Rolex is always careful about choosing colors, so the not-classic color or easy-get color will be discarded, so what is left are classic. Milgauss is a classic one among Oyster watches. It had its debut in 1956 and has a modern version in 2007. This year, a new Milgauss with a new dial came. As we have said before that watches that are made minor changes and major changes will be launched at the same time, so in addition to the Oyster and Rolex Cellini Replica, we have Milgauss.

Milgauss means anti-magnetism that reaches 1000 gauss. It is originally designed for engineers and the high performance on magnetism-resist is the biggest feature. In 2007 a new Milgauss with green mirror was launched and has been classic since them. In this year, a blue dial appears to be more fashion and professional. Rolex works in a humble and safe way, as it always does. No big changes are made to Milgauss, thus the orange hands and time, Barton-time scales and hands with luminous materials coated with it can still be seen. The only change is the dial, the blue dial.

Magnetism is harder to be prevented than water. In order to do the magnetism-resist, no aperture is allowed on date display and tries to minimize the space. What’s more, the 3131 automatic movement of the Rolex within which Parachrom hairspring and escapement are also magnetism-resist, which is the second measure to keep magnetism from the watch.